Custom Lunar Flower Rug

Custom Lunar Flower Rug

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Your custom Shyrdak will be 10 x 13.5 ft.  The main design color will be light blue and the rest will be grey.  Thread color for the detailed stitching has yet to be decided.

The total cost for the rug is $7,020 plus tax, which is $52/sqft.  Of which a 50% deposit is due prior to the artisans starting on the rug which is $3,510 plus tax. 

Once we have picked the colors of the wool, the rug will arrive within 3 months. The remaining balance is due upon receipt of the rug.  

Please enter the following code at checkout to pay the deposit: CUSTOMRUGDEPOSIT

We will be in touch soon with pictures!! Thanks for being apart of our mission to support the women of Kyrgyzstan!! 

By purchasing a Shyrdak, you are helping to provide fair market wages and sustainable employment to female artisans in Kyrgyzstan.  In addition 5% off the cost of the rug is donated directly back to the artisans and their families to provides school supplies, medical care, and further supplement their incomes!

Translated from Kyrgyz AIGUL means Lunar Flower.  This is a handmade wool rug from Kyrgyzstan. The Lunar Flower features botanical shapes, reflecting the Kyrgyz reverence for the natural world. Sophisticated stitching creates multiple dimensions of wool. Lunar Flower adds natural flair to any space, either as a wall hanging or a floor rug.  



Rug care: 

Shyrdaks are extremely durable, especially if they are properly cared for.

Ordinary dirt and debris may be removed by shaking the rug outdoors. Vacuum cleaning should be done on a low setting, but the brush attachment should not make contact with the rug itself.

If drinks are spilled or pet accidents occur on the carpet, absorb the liquid with a dry cloth first. Then, use warm soapy water to remove the stain.  It works great to place a bowl under the rug where the spot occurred and rinse the soapy water through the rug with clean water into the bowl below.

Periodic cleaning by a professional with experience in cleaning felt rugs is recommended.

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