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AIGUL (Brown on Beige)

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This handmade wool rug from Kyrgyzstan.  Aigul features undyed, straight-from-the-sheep wool and botanical shapes, reflecting the Kyrgyz reverence for the natural world. Sophisticated stitching creates multiple dimensions of wool. Aigul adds natural flair to any space, either as a wall hanging or a floor rug.  
  • Dimensions:  6'6" x 6'6" Thickness: ~0.5'
  • Colors: brown on beige; grey trim.
  • 100% wool.

Because our shyrdaks are handmade, yours may vary slightly from the ones pictured.

Shipping included!!

If in Jackson, WY area there is an option for local delivery.  Please indicate in "special instructions for seller" in shopping cart view if you would like this service.  There is also an option for multiple rugs to be brought to try out in your space!