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Home Collection

Page and Company Collection's home collection has everything you need to make home, well, HOME. We bring you our beautiful collection of rugs, pillows, throws and coasters from the USA and around the world.

Our rugs come in different shapes to fit your home just right. All of our rugs and most of our pillows are made by NAKTA Designs with high-quality Kyrgyz wool, the same wool used for our wool slippers and handbags.

Most of our throws are made by Sanford Designs made right here in the USA and woven with your choice of wool, mohair and cotton. All throws make you want to cozy up on the couch with a hot beverage, Netflix and chill.

Togar Rugs brings our cute matching set of 4 coasters to your coffee table. They were made in Istanbul, Turkey from a Kilim rug. Set down your hot beverage on one of these and relax at home.