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About Page and Company Collection

A mother and daughter team:


Lizzie Page Watson, (who's full name is Elizabeth Page Guerrant Watson) is a resident of Wilson, Wyoming where she works as a Firefighter/Paramedic for Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, is a part-time raft guide for Mad River Boat Trips and a volunteer for Teton County Search and Rescue.  She enjoys skiing, snowboarding, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking and many other sports as long as she is outside with friends. She graduated from Appalachian University, which she attended because she could play field hockey and snowboard in Boone NC where the school is located. Upon graduation, Lizzie briefly moved in with her mom and began work with her dad’s law firm as a paralegal. The plan was to work for her dad for a year, take the LSAT, and attend law school.  One evening at dinner Lizzie’s father told her to get out of NC and go do something fun.  Her father told her she was young and could do whatever she wanted.  Soon a friend offered her a place to live and a job in Jackson, Wyoming. That was thirteen years ago! She recently found she enjoys creating jewelry in her own unique style.



Anne Page Watson has lived and practiced law in Durham for almost forty years. She took a summer course in sewing when she was 15. Due to family and work responsibilities running her own law firm, she hasn't had much time for sewing until recently. Since January of 2016, she has taken every sewing class she possibly could and has been improving her skills.  Anne enjoys karate, CrossFit, swimming and spending time with her husband, two cats, and chocolate lab.  In her spare time Anne enjoys making clothing, throws, scarves, pillows and other decorative items.   


While Anne was visiting Lizzie in Jackson in June of 2016, an idea was hatched! Lizzie and Anne decided to join their respective interests and create an internet business together.  Such a business would give them an opportunity to spend more time together. It was a fun idea but, with full-time regular work, they realized that they could not populate a web site with just the goods they could produce.

So they made a trip to the High Point, NC Furniture Market where they found a variety of goods from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and the United States such as handmade wool bedroom shoes, hats, rugs, bags, pillows and the like.  Lizzie recently returned from a trip to Kyrgyzstan where she was learning how the rugs they carry are made and India where she was able to see the fabric markets in Delhi.  Stay tuned to see what additional fun things they will find to add to this site.