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It has been quite a week.  I arrived in Jackson, Wyoming, on Tuesday night and was welcomed by biting cold, wind, and more snow than I have ever seen at one time.  The stated purpose of this trip was to work on our new business, Page and Company Collection, which my daughter Lizzie and I have begun.  The real purpose was to have time with my daughter, of course!  An earlier trip to spend time with Lizzie in June of 2016 spawned an idea:  Lizzie enjoys making jewelry and I enjoy sewing. While shopping in Jackson that June, we noted that the market in Jackson was a very strong one for hand crafted items such as jewelry, clutches, poofs, throws, scarfs, and the like. Why not make some and sell them ourselves, we mused.

A friend suggested we visit the High Point, NC Furniture Market for unusual fabrics I could use for pillows, clutches, poofs, etc.  We signed up for the fall 2016 market and while there had a great time looking around and shopping.  We quickly (well maybe not quickly) figured out that neither of us had enough time to make enough items to populate a website.  So we purchased lovely rugs, scarfs, wool slippers from Kyrgyzstan and purses, travel bags and the like from Turkey, along with many other items.  By 2:00 p.m. that day we were out of both energy and money.

So, we came home and started working on getting items shipped and through customs, modifying our business plan, developing our website and logo, business cards, etc.  Who knew it was so involved (most people I’d imagine).

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Back to this week:  when I arrived, Lizzie was sick so I started making beef bone broth, as any good mom would do, in hopes of making her better.  Once she felt better we started getting things ready for our first trunk show, which Elevated Grounds so graciously hosted for us on Saturday.  We had to decide which items to take, how to present them, price them and get them to the coffee shop during a snow storm.  The storm would have put everything on hold in Durham for two weeks, not so in Jackson.


We hauled our things to the coffee shop and set up in a nice corner and the people just flowed in!  Not for us, of course, but rather for the wonderful food and coffee.  Several of those in the throng wandered over and perused our wares.  All-in-all, we were well received, purchases made, appointments to show rugs booked.  We were even able with our friend Mary Bess’ expertise to get Square up and actually working!

So even with a long learning curve, we began actually making headway.  Of course, we had to haul all that stuff back home, weigh each piece for the website, put it all away and put the finishing touches on our website.  By 11:00 p.m. CST we finally went live and Lizzie and I celebrated with left over pizza and champagne. It was good!

Stay tuned as I think there will be more adventures on our journey!

Anne Page

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