Inspired and curated by respect for culture and tradition at High Point Market, NC

Page and Company Collection has curated a unique collection of handcrafted goods from around the globe which are inspired by an appreciation of culture, tradition, and the environment.

While at the High Point, North Carolina Market, Lizzie and Anne were most drawn to items which show the traditions of the country of their origin. Kilims are flat woven carpets with no pile. They are handcrafted in multiple countries such as Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, North Africa, and they are as varied as the countries which produce them. The word “kilim” even has multiple pronunciations.  Lizzie and Anne found lovely 20 to 70 year old rug remnants which have been repurposed into clutches, large and small ladies’ bags, and cross—body bags. Modern uses, modern recycling concepts, but all the while preserving the tradition of handcrafted kilim making.

Photos shown: Kilim made cross-body bag, Kilim made pillows, Kilim coasters.


Lizzie and Anne were also drawn to the art of shyrdak making. This is a tradition of Kyrgyzstan which has been handed down for generations in which sheep’s wool is fashioned into practical, durable and beautiful rugs and pillows which illustrate Kyrgyz values and traditions: hard work and appreciation of beauty. The craftsmanship reflected in these products is amazing and the sales of these one of a kind products promotes the economic independence of Kyrgyz female artisans. Intelligently, they waste no materials as they make each rug in relief: they use the opposite design for the next rug!


Photos shown: Shydrak made pillow, Shydrak made rug.

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